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Working with Brown Voyager

It's hard to recognize we may need help, and it's harder, even, to seek, or to connect and ask for help. What are the steps you need to take to seek help? Who can I speak with? What is it that I need help with?

I’m Brown Voyager and my mission in life is to serve, support, and uplift you. What does this mean? Any time we connect is for you and the space will be dedicated to your safety and needs. I ensure that it will be light yet insightful.

Brown Voyager is beyond a single person or entity. It’s a force of positive energy and movement of liberation. A way of living that allows us to choose our authentic self and values. A support system that allows for advocacy for ways of being that require us to be fully present in our daily lives. Brown Voyager, to me, is acceptance, curiosity, and transformation.

Learning to develop awareness of who we are, where we are in life, and where we’re going is vital. Through Brown Voyager, we will seek to find clarity in those questions. I am open and always learning; I am a good listener, thoughtful, and invested, and it’s helpful to have an advocate with those traits in your corner who’s able to clearly see where you are and help you navigate to where you want to be. With my coaching, you will walk away feeling more grounded and at ease. Together, we are capable of so much.

You will be held in a supportive capacity to have real conversations in a space where you are fully heard and understood. We will identify the unfulfilled aspects of your journey, then follow through with achieving your goal and purpose. You choose your reality. If you’re here, I’m here with you.


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