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Living at the intersection of wellness, mindfulness, and identity
Brown Voyager began during a time of questioning identity, purpose, and this short life of mine. Looking inward with awareness led me on a journey of self-acceptance and expression of self-love. Here and now, we travel through lands, externally and mentally, we’ve never been before that transforms our reality. We challenge the dominant culture, belief systems in place, and reclaim who we are.

As a wellness educator, I celebrate my multicultural identity and lifestyle. My values of empathy, compassion, and long-lasting impact influence my work ethic, development, and contribution. I represent minorities moving in a direction towards growth. Brown Voyager is a source of wellness guidance and support. If you are on your path of development, I love connecting those who prioritize living their best life.

Brown Voyager is a brown body voyaging through space and time, opening towards enlightenment with every breath. Creating & sustaining systems of long-lasting impact.

Are You Ready To Start Your Next Personal Voyage?


In my career as a wellness coach and meditation guide, I draw from a diverse well of experiences. My work as a City Colleges English Professor and creator of the essay series "Deconstructing Identity" enriches my approach to identity exploration and personal growth. These endeavors, alongside my MFA in Nonfiction Writing, CDVP certification, and TEFL certification, shape my comprehensive understanding of narrative and individual resilience. Personally, I've navigated the challenges of chronic illness and conquered deep-seated fears, experiences that fuel my commitment to helping others in their journeys. I bring these insights to every coaching session, whether it's a one-on-one dialogue or a group workshop, blending scholarly perspectives with real-life wisdom. My passion for exploration, from planning a significant Eastern European voyage to trekking the Grand Canyon, also informs my coaching philosophy, encouraging clients to embark on their transformative journeys.
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