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Get Ready for the First Session

Choose a 30-minute slot on a day you're free for a phone call, Zoom, or Google Meet chat.

Be in a safe space, open to sharing and communicating.

  • Have you had therapy, coaching, or counseling before? Was it helpful?

  • What are you looking for?

  • When do you feel calmest, happiest, inspired?

  • Have moments of joy helped you understand yourself?

  • What obstacles prevent you from seeing necessary steps?

  • Where do you feel most 'you'? Is it a place, activity, discussion, or vision?

  • What do you hope to get from our conversation?

Come prepared with questions:

  • Anything about wellness.

  • What do you want to take away?

  • Any particular interests?

  • Questions about me/my story.

  • Any technical/logistical queries.

Remember, our time is for you, so prioritize your needs, and know that I'm here to support you.


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