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Working through a Problem

Updated: Mar 5

I’ve been through my fair share of shit hitting the fan. I’ve experienced panic attacks, anxiety, depression, ADHD, fears, and trauma in my life. My first severe panic attack was unexpected and I was left feeling vulnerable. It was a point in my life where I listened more to my inner critic and didn’t have healthy habits set in place to help me ride through difficult moments. This feeling of life and death prompted me to make one simple change in my life: mindful breathing. Bringing awareness to my breath and consistently choosing to simply “come back to the breath” throughout my day transformed my relationship with stress. For the past five years, I’ve made it a goal to meditate anywhere from a few seconds to a couple hours every day. This one non-negotiable yet free flow daily practice has opened multiple doors and opportunities that were once closed. It brought calmness and clarity to a distracted, agitated mind.

In my voyaging, I learned that acceptance allowed me to face my problems, curiosity allowed me to embrace them, and through it, I found my transformation. In those times of hardship, I learned how to hold, process, and navigate these impactful moments, operating systems, and identities.

As an educator, I’ve worked with a diverse student body, whether from a socioeconomic or ethnic background. Focusing on creative thinking, I helped students to better articulate their thoughts and ideas. I helped them tell their stories. Because I believe our lives are stories worth sharing, and good stories are structured and grounded. This is what Brown Voyager is. It’s the structuring of multi-layered individuals, multi-dimensional perspectives, that, amidst the chaos of everyday life, are grounded in sense of self. By having an awareness of the stories we tell ourselves and others, we gain more clarity and confidence in who we are, who we’re becoming, and where we’re going. Stories voice our values and essence. Your story can and will have a long-lasting impact.

As an experienced meditator and advocate for wellness, I will work with you to create a plan that aligns with your goals—wherever you are currently in life. Humans are complex and our lives are filled with all sorts of suffering and confusion. However, the power lies in our ability to creating and choosing our story. We are capable of writing our own stories that embody peace and are centered in love.

I hold various techniques that work for different people, mindsets, operating systems to achieve your desired outcome and deeply understand the process of your own self-growth. This may be through routines, the RAIN method, mindful breathing, giving yourself compassion throughout the day, to creating a custom 90-day step plan that works for you.

The power of speaking with someone gives you the fresh perspective to identify areas of improvement, allow for something to “click,” have that “aha moment,” and is a step in the direction of choosing you first. The solution half of the time is simply showing up. So, first learn to show up for yourself, and we’ll move from there.


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