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The Art of Navigating Diversity & Self-Discovery

Explore the intersection of identity and englightenment with life coach and wellness advocate Madiha (Brown Voyager)

​Brown Voyager's Story

I'm Madiha, a brown-skinned woman voyaging through this world and space. Writing is my tool. Books are my security blanket, my portal to other universes. I love traveling through space in my mind, exploring trails with my 2 rescues, teaching empathy, watching waves crash into the sand, and deeply being in the present moment. These are the things that allow me to be the best version of myself and I look forward to sharing my never-ending thoughts with you here.

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Work With Me

Success is feeling and knowing you're okay with a plan of action that aligns with an authentic life of self-expression. As a writer, I focus on critical thinking and purpose. My role as a lifelong educator and student deepens my practice in listening and knowledge-seeking. At Brown Voyager, we aim for visible progress and goals, guiding you to a deeper state of peace within. Connect with me to start this journey.

Madiha "Brown Voyager" sitting by lake
Foggy Forest

Words by Brown Voyager


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